Singin' I'm No A Billy, He's A Tim

Singin' I'm No A Billy, He's A Tim

Fighting bigotry one laugh at a time

Celebrating two decades of fun and laughter the highly acclaimed, award winning show ‘Singing I’m No a Billy, He’s a Tim’ is coming to Livingston.

The hilariously funny anti-sectarian play, hailed as one of the most successful theatre shows Scotland has ever produced. 

The play, written by Des Dillon, revolves around two rival Celtic and Rangers football fans forced to share a jail cell on the day of a major clash between their respective teams. Sparks fly as the two main characters exchange banter and insults fuelled by generations of deep-seated bigotry, paranoia, and cultural misconceptions. Faced with the prospect of being locked up together for hours they have to choose between carrying on their feud or finding common ground.

Since 2004 ‘Singing I’m No a Billy, He’s a Tim' has played to packed houses nationwide and become a powerful metaphor for peace processes all over the world. It uses comedy to enlighten and entertain as it highlights the kind of prejudices and ignorance that can divide communities when tribal factions are allowed to triumph over reason.

The 20th anniversary tour stars Scott Kyle, best known for performances in the television series Outlander and the movies Angels Share and Kajaki, alongside James Miller, and Colin Little, who has appeared in the tv soap River City, Fried, Gasping, and The Secret Agent.