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Customer Feedback

Your feedback is valued - it helps us to deliver a better service.

The Community Arts team is committed to providing a high standard of customer service. We want to hear from you (even if you are unhappy) so there are several different ways you can make your opinions known -

Speak to a member of staff

Write your comment on one of the Comments Feedback Forms and put it in one of the comments boxes in the building. 

Phone  01506 777666


Write to Community Arts, Howden Park Centre, Livingston EH54 6AE

Recent customer comments and actions (2015)

You Said:  "Is there a more suitable place to store buggies as the café can get quite crowded."
Action:  We now have signs asking customers to store their buggies outside the café area next to reception..

You Said:  "We'd like our party buffet to stay out for longer."
Action:  Environmental Health advise that, at public events, one hour is the recommended 'safe' time.  However, this can be extended if the customer signs a disclaimer, so we now offer this option.

You Said:  "We were not notified that an event had been cancelled."
Action:  We have updated our procedures regarding notifying customers when events are cancelled.  We now use a variety of communication methods including telephone, email, website, Facebook and signage in the venue itself.


We'd like to hear from you if you are unhappy with the service we have provided.  We value your opinion.

Please speak to a member of staff as many problems can be dealt with right away.  If you are unhappy with the response you are given or feel unable to approach a member of staff directly there are several different ways you can make a complaint:

  • In person at any Council office or centre
  • By telephone
  • In writing, either by letter, email or fax
  • By a third party acting with the complainant's consent 
  • Via any of the council's Elected Members, Members of the Scottish Parliament or Members of Parliament

Your complaint will be acknowledged on the day of receipt and we aim to issue a full response within 5 working days.  

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